Not the odd one out: Black Sheep Brewery – Black Sheep Ale


I’m sure by now that everyone has heard the story of how the bloke that started up Black Sheep brewing is actually a member of the Theakston family and all the associated fun that went on there (

But, as I never tire of saying, we’re only here for the beer.  First off I’ll just have to say: I’ve always liked Black Sheep Ale, it’s one of those dependable standards that you can always go to when you want something that’s solid and dependable – a la Brakspear, Hook Norton, Adnams, etc.

BSA is a light hazel-brown colour with a snow-white head.  In the aroma, dryish metallic malts dominate and there’s very little hop character – but that’s neither here ‘nor there.

The taste is a solid, but delicate bitterness which leads out and pulls along a sweetly tasty malt character.  This is a solid slab of tasty ale and isn’t designed to be fancy and complex but be enjoyable, thirst quenching and refreshing.

In the aftertaste is a lasting delicious dry-creamy-sour bitterness and some echoes of sweet malt.

Excellent.  All northern beers feel so much like a reward for a hard days work to me.  and that’s a very good thing indeed.  Have some after you’ve been industrious…

One thought on “Not the odd one out: Black Sheep Brewery – Black Sheep Ale

  1. I like the Black Sheep too. Very, very nice on tap (last enjoyed at The Ryles Arms near Macclesfield.)
    Have you tried their ‘Golden Sheep’… a nice summery ale.
    Viva YIMB !

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