In all seriousness: Vale – Gravitas Bitter


I know.  It’s a funny name for a beer isn’t it?  Still, I can’t accuse it of frippery or frivolity with a name like that (and the label’s not least bit goofy either, so all good there)

Gravitas arrives in the glass a light yellow colour with a very nice-looking – but not long-lasting, foamy white head.

The aroma is softly malty with some vegetal hops mixed in.  This is about the right amount of hoppiness for a hoppy bitter – the aroma isn’t desperately citrussy but that’s OK, because I don’t like my bitter to remind me of a US-style IPA.

There’s a real solidity in the body of Gravitas and a lovely bitterness that seems to amplify as you go on, in some ways it’s very much like Hop Back’s Summer Lightning but just has enough bitterness to keep it out of the golden/summer ale category and squarely in the bitter category.  In the malt bill there’s a juicy fruitiness that you’d normally expect from a much darker beer, which further helps to keep the bitter style going.

A glorious earthy/citrus-hoppiness makes Gravitas a really refreshing drop – and with a lovely after-taste and lasting bitterness means it stays interesting right to the bottom of the glass.

I genuinely enjoyed it.  This is another Summer go-to beer.

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