Pink-Elephants on Parade: Brouwerij Huyghe – Delerium Tremens


Of all places, I bought this beer in the Rose and Crown in Charlbury.  I only mention that as I feel people ought to mention the Rose and Crown more – after all they’ve been CAMRA’s North Oxfordshire pub of the year on many occasions, and do a pretty mean beer festival too.  Naturally, having the odd bottled Belgian hanging about tends to raise their profile in my eyes as well…

Delerium Tremens pours a strong off-yellow colour, looks the part – but has a head that just winks and disappears away.  The aroma is all warmly alcoholic maltiness with those typical Belgian spicy phenols:  sweet, spicy, bubblegum and a malic acid-sort-of-appliness also shows.

In the mouth Delerium Tremens is strongly effervescent with an almost vinous note, there’s sweet malt and spice and tongue-numbing alcohol.  All very Belgian and peppery spice, with a little side dose of sweetness from the malt.

The aftertaste is dryish, with a reasonably satisfying bitterness.

I think that a beer of this size should a bit more complex, I mean it’s nice enough – but it’s not enough to wow…especially when the bottle promises so much.  And yes, you will see plenty of pink elephants if you drink enough of this.  It’s 8.5%.  Lordy.

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