Polly, It’s a Cracker: Oakham Ales – Scarlet Macaw

unnamedOakham ales, would you like to employ a beer taster?  I’d be very interested in getting an in on some of your pilot batches…if they’re anything like Scarlet Macaw or Citra (https://yeastismybitch.com/2014/03/17/pineappley-perfection-oakham-ales-citra/)

Sit back Ladies and Gentlemen and enjoy a dose of effusive, rapturous, reviewing:

Scarlet Macaw arrives in the glass a beautifully clear orangey-yellow colour.  An initial head quickly fizzles off to form smallish pure white islands of foam.

There isn’t a massive aroma, but this ain’t no IPA so that’s to be expected. Sweet grains dominate with some hoppiness which is all English pale soft summer fruit goodness (think goosegogs, whitecurrants, etc.).

The taste is a great big bold mouthful: BIG flavours. A solid maltiness leads through to a fleeting dash of sweetness, followed by a powerful underscoring bitterness – both of which go to produce a very satisfying and pervasive after taste.  The hops appear all along this taste curve: Amarillo punctuating the bitterness to reveal overtones of roasted oranginess and Summit crouching in the background with it’s really chewy resinous, dank notes.

The great thing about Scarlet Macaw is that it’s just so damn well put together that you really have too tease apart the taste to identify all of these different tastes, flavours and textures.  This is another one of those “thinker”, rather than purely “drinker” beers.

Marvellous. Other brewers should take note. This is how you make English beer in 2014.  No pretension or pandering to the US styles.

Boom.  English craft brewing in a glass.

The question is, will I ever find an Oakham beer that I don’t like?  It’ll be a tough job, but one I’m happy to take on…


(See I managed to not even mention the slightly gormless-looking Macaw on the label.  Shhhh, Jon.)

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