Fruli, Madli, Deepli: Fruli – Strawberry Beer

fruli (Case Conflict)

Are you afraid of the taste of beer?  Even the taste of crappy industrial “ice” lager that provides respite to the majority of drinkers in this country – respite from unfulfilled lives and wives, despair, dashed hopes and the reality of working for a living?

Are WKD, Alco-pops and all that sort of thing more to your taste?  If they are, you’re going to love Fruli Strawberry Beer.

Ok, so maybe I’m getting a bit carried away…it’s not that bad, but it’s also not that good…and either way, it’s tooth-achingly sweet.

Fruli is a Belgian white (Wit) beer with strawberry of some sort or another added to it.  When poured out Fruli has a nice tight white head, a pinkish hazy colour and a little carbonation.

The aroma is that of a bag of strawberry penny sweeties, there’s also a sort-of faint yeastiness in the aroma too, but quite honestly it might as well be sherbert.  (Are sweeties still a penny?  My two kids are too young to be trusted with money, the eldest just drops it on the floor or throws it into streams and the youngest tries to eat it.  Consequently we haven’t got to the “blow all your pocket money on sweets” stage)

The taste is all strawberries and not much else, but more like a strawberry syrup added to some lightish, sweetish beer. There’s a bit of pippiness, some orange and cherry notes and a bit of a bitter twang at the end, but not much else.  Mercifully there’s a dryish finish.

I can’t say this is a great beer…but interestingly enough I think it’d work as an adult’s ice-cream soda sort of thing.  Ice cold Fruli with a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in it might make an interesting dessert or treat on a summer’s day; I’d imagine most kids would dig that too.  But remember, DON’T give alcohol to children.  Calpol will do the job just as nicely, thanks very much.

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