Universal Sanction India Pale Ale

Oh, the name?  It’s an anagram of Nelson Sauvin and Citra.  I’m not that clever, I went here for inspiration:  http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram

Anyway.  Here I am with a week off of work, having done all the chores and bits and pieces for the day I thought I might get myself a brew on in the Braumeister/Brewmaster.

Having had a modicum of success with defining a “house” malt bill for all of my hoppy beers when brewing the HxPA (https://yeastismybitch.com/2014/03/28/t-n-t-hxpa-highly-explosive-pale-ale-in-a-braumeister/), I decided to fiddle with that grain schedule yet again to see if it would work any other way around.

Hop-wise I had 100g of Citra pellets put aside for this, but joy unconfined – I also found 80g of Nelson Sauvin leaf hops in the freezer, so I’m going to bung them in as well.  Even though this isn’t barn-storming gravity, it’s going to be hopped to buggery and back again: Citra is potent enough on it’s own, but with a back up of Neslon Sauvin we’re going to be talking massive hoppage.

I restrained the bitterness to 53IBU or so, as I don’t want to frighten off any one…I used my by now standard Braumeister mash schedule:

Dough-in: 38C

First Rest: 53C (5Mins)

Second Rest: 67C (70Mins)

Third Rest: 73C (5Mins)

Mash Out: 78C (5Mins)

Citra and Nelson

I might bottle the lot as this will be something to savour.  Don’t tell Eve, the whole house is starting to bung up with brewing stuff, so god knows where I’m going to store 40 odd more bottles of beer.

Our on-suite shower is pretty much a full time fermentation chamber…talking of which I’m going to try S04 yeast this time instead of the usual US-05 – just for a little more yeast character.

Me and S04 have a chequered past – I have known it drop out of suspension at around 1020 – which is just not acceptable, I don’t want to have to rouse the bugger.  Hopefully the hotter weather will keep it charging along to somewhere around 1012 or lower.

Will update this post with post-boil gravity and volume when I get there…


I got 22 or so Litres at 1052, which wasn’t too bad considering.  5 Litres of sparge water was never going to replace the sheer volume of liquor that got sucked up by all those hops and grain.  Still, I should end up with something like 5.25% – assuming S04 pulls it’s finger out of it’s arse and ferments out to 1012; any lower than that and I’ll be well impressed.

I have pictures – which I will post when I get to work or somewhere with better than 1Mbps bandwidth (and that’s down speed, the good lord alone knows what the upload speed is.  Sometimes it’s rubbish living in the sticks.)

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