Summer Storm Ale (A Hop Back Summer Lightning Clone) in a Braumeister – Tasting Notes


If you remember, a few weeks back I put this Hop Back Summer Lightning clone together ( as I knew we’d be having a couple of parties (the boys’ first and third birthdays and my fortieth – yes, I do look and feel that old)

Well, this beer appears to have been a minor hit…in fact the Hob Goblin and London Pride bottles that I’d bought as back-up for both events were UNTOUCHED; Yes, that’s right, they all preferred to drink my Summer Storm beer – which might have been purely out of politeness – but everyone had seconds (and thirds and some of them, fourths) so it must have been OK…

Summer Storm arrives in a glass a pleasant light-brass colour and sports a jolly head that sits around for a bit and never really retires.  It has a mineral and malty aroma with a hint of East Kent Golding Hops – but not nearly as much as I’d imagined there’d be after stuffing a WHOLE PACKET into it, either way it’s an enticing aroma and is clean and not the faintest bit “home-brewey”

The mouth feel is pretty good, being neither too heavy or too light and the taste is of a nice light malt character with a residual sweetness that fades to a satisfying bitterness.  The after-taste is surprisingly enduring and is of solid English hops.

I’m very happy with how this one turned out, but I think it could probably do with a more discernible ale-y yeast character…something like Windsor or Nottingham; but other than that minor quibble, it worked a treat.  I’d definitely brew this one again, people liked it and so do I…

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