T ‘n’ T HXPA (Highly eXplosive Pale Ale) in the Braumeister – Tasting Notes

Here they are, all merry and bright and only a couple of months late…

Alright, so I lost my notes – this is purely from memory as the keg is looooong gone, as are any of the bottles…

The malt bill was perfect, just the right sort of base to empty a bucket load of interesting hops into.  The T ‘n’ T hops turned out be a lot more “vegetal” than any of the more noble, English or US varieties and faded quite fast as the brew aged…but saying that they worked reasonably well here and you really could taste and smell the red berry fruits theme.

I’d buy them again – especially if they were nice and cheap.  I reckon they’re more of a companion hop and would work with a variety that’s more floral or tropical to add a more interesting dimension.  Have an experiment…

If you fancy having a crack at a single hop beer you can’t go far wrong than use this malt bill in a Braumeister/Brewmaster:



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