A Kernow Kracker: St Austell – Proper Job

20140708_193400With thoughts of the beach and seaside at this time of year, let’s turn our attention to a place that everyone has happy memories of…

I like Cornwall a lot.  It’s got so much going for it.  Pasties (US readers try looking up “Cornish Pasties” before you start sniggering), beautiful scenery, beer and of course Kernow King: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlS1l_fDW98 (be sure to check out episodes 2 and 3, too.  Bleddy funny, my beuuties.)

Proper Job pours a lovely light mid-copper with a smashing great big head that hangs around for a good long while.  Malt and hops blends seamlessly in the aroma, with hints of citrus and pineyness poking through here and there. A clean sea-fresh ozoney edge sets off the faintest trace of heather honeyishness.

Cheerfully effervescent and with beautiful malt body, the sweetness gives way to a very refreshing bitterness that segues through to a lovely mouth full of prickly citrus and piney hops.

This is pretty-much the perfect interpretation of an English IPA – even though it doesn’t say it on the bottle: a solid, reliable and complex bottle of beer that provides endless satisfaction and enjoyment.

Proper Job is always available at Waitrose – where you should buy it upon sight.  Friends also tell me that it’s available on the train back from Paddington to Oxford – which should certainly help to make the journey go with a swing (even if it’s four quid a pop!)


UPDATE: Have just noticed that the label on the bottle quite plainly says “Cornish IPA” which just goes to prove what a dullard I can be sometimes…

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