The joy of blogging

Let me just start off by saying how happy I am to have you folks as an audience.

It’s good of you to come along.  Pull up a chaise longue, stay awhile…if you’re a fellow blogger with a beer-based bent, or just have an interest in these things, a very warm welcome to you.

But some of you aren’t are you?

Some of you are hoping that I’ll just automatically follow or like your self-absorbed lifestyle, entrepreneurial or new-age religious taradiddle – just because you’ve followed or “liked” some of my articles.

Well it doesn’t quite work that way I’m afraid.

You see this blog is about beer, yeast and bread.  Not about ways of improving my blog’s readership through some hare-brained SEO bullshittery, it’s not about making a fuck-load of money before breakfast or finding some higher spiritual awareness – although heaven knows it and I could probably do with all these things.

While we’re on the subject: “Likes.”  I don’t believe for one minute that a teen girl group from Columbia actually gives a flying toss about my inane ramblings on IPA styles – even if I am devastatingly handsome, can write like Wilde and wield a rapier-like wit.

Please don’t “like” things in the vain hope that I’ll come over and start “liking” your vacuous shit.

In short: please don’t follow me in the hope that I’ll automatically follow your blog.  Chuck as many “likes” as you like; I “like” something when I like something – not because I’m hoping to get into some mutual “like” daisy-chaining.  (Don’t get me started on LinkedIn endorsements FFS)

If your blog is interesting, funny or about beer then fine, I’m interested, I’ll definitely follow, like and enjoy your work.  If you’re just fishing for a readership and self-aggrandizement then you can do one.


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