An Antique of a Beer: Greene King Strong Suffolk Dark Ale


You’ve just gotta love things that have been aged in Oak, haven’t you?  I’ve been reading about the 5X Suffolk Strong Ale for quite some time and how it may or may not have influenced or been influenced by the lambic brewing folks in Belgium, so I was glad that Eve picked up this particular bottle, as it’s a blended beer that contains some of that special oak-aged Strong Suffolk Ale.

GKSDA pours an impenetrably darkly colour with some, but not much, in the way of garnet around the edges.  There’s no head at all.  None.  Nada.  Zero.  I guess over time the head producing proteins and sugars, etc, that you get in younger beers just degrade or deteriorate (or maybe even get fermented out by a wilder type of yeast).

The aroma is vinous and alcoholic, with yeasty fruitiness.  OId leather and mahogany themes dominate. I also got way over-ripe wind-fallen orchard fruits, pear skins and the such-like.  It’s a very complex aroma indeed and worthy of this aged and well-blended beer.

The taste is all dark malts and warming alcohol. Softly fruity, it’s a lovely mouthful.  Towards the swallow you’re once again regaled with oak and mahogany woody notes with rich leather and coppery metallic decoration.  A gentle malty sweetness rounds the whole experience out.

If I had to sum up Suffolk Dark Ale in two words they’d be “Antique Shop”.  Probably best enjoyed on a dark winter night by the fire.  Marvellous.

God.  At this rate I may actually start to like Greene King as a brewer.  Even more so if they ponied up a few beers for me to review…


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