Bad Beer and Lemonade…

Have a read of this:

What do you reckon to that, eh?  I reckon shandy has it’s place, but only if it’s made with rubbish beer.

As a brewer I couldn’t bear to think of someone making a shandy up with one of my creations…surely that’s what Fosters, Carling, John Smiths and all the other mass-market stuff is there for?  They’re the beers to have Lemonade “tops” in – especially if you don’t like the taste of beer…

If you want to drink sweet fizzy stuff with a tiny bit of alcohol in why not try WKD, alco-pops, alcoholic ginger beer and all that other stuff?

I guess you could mix quality beers into some sort of godawful beer cocktail, but what’s the point?  I know Lambic and Gueze are blended, but that’s just because they have to – for quality control.

You wouldn’t have a Laphroaig single malt and coke, would you?   (Please don’t tell me you do.  That’s just not on…)

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