Much-needed refreshment at the Game Fair: Lancaster Brewery – Amber


I’ll tell you what, it was witheringly hot at the Game Fair this year, I mean dreadfully hot and muggy.  Fortunately Lancaster Brewery decided to turn up and offer some of their wares – straight out of the cask.

I got talking to this chap in the picture, who is actually the chef at one of the brewery’s pubs.  He seemed quite enthusiastic about their beer range though, so I gave him one of my YIMB cards to take back to his overlords.  I hope he managed to get out and smash a few clays later on in the day as that was what he hoping to do…

The amber bitter came out the tiniest bit hazy (alright, it was 10am in the morning…how I give myself away) but a pint or two again later on in the day showed that it was just a litle settlement that was required.

The colour was that of Kronenbourg (the best way that I could describe it as it was very bright sunshine indeed and let’s be honest the pint didn’t last that long.)  A clean white head hung until the end of the glass – which isn’t to say much, as the pint couldn’t have lasted more than a couple of minutes…

The smell was glorious cereals and malt and the taste was smooth, refined and with a very quenching and long-lasting bitterness.  I liked it a lot and it worked a treat on such a blindingly hot day.  I dig the way that Lancaster use their bittering hops very much indeed.

Brewers.  Why not get yourself along to the Game Fair next year?  There aren’t enough of you there to tempt people away from the John Smiths and Fosters crap-o-bars*.  At Blenheim over 150,000 people attended the Game Fair this year and I bet a vast amount of them would be thirsty for a beer.  Book yourself a stall today and start punting out bottles at a decent price – you’ll make a killing I’m sure…

(*alright, Hooky Lion and Hooky Bitter were available all over the place – but the one pint of horribly sub-standard Lion I had from the Hooky bar was dreadful (especially at nearly FOUR QUID A PINT)  The lads working the bar just looked bored and hot.  I’m sure the Hook Norton folks would have been up in arms if they’d seen how poorly their beer was being presented.)

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