A beachside delight: Dark Star – American Pale Ale

apa_blackThe family and I managed to get away for a couple of days, recently.  We went to join friends (Dave, Caroline and young George) in their house-by-the-sea in West Wittering – and a lovely time was had by all.

Great weather and very warm temperatures meant that by the time the kids were crashed out of an evening, Dave and I were desperately thirsty – and Lucy the dog needed walking along the beach…to the pub.

We went to The Shore (http://www.theshorepub.co.uk/) for our refreshments and I’m glad that we did.  The minute I walked in I spotted the Dark Star hand-pumps: Hop Head and their American Pale Ale.

But the Hop Head was off (there’s a brief review here: https://yeastismybitch.com/2014/07/30/great-beers-at-the-hook-norton-beer-festival/), so it would just have to be the APA, which -believe me- was absolutely no hardship at all…

Our pints arrived and were suitably golden coloured – matching the halcyon feel of those particular summer evenings in The Witterings.

The aroma of the APA was solidly malty with a lively hoppiness about it.

A lovely sumptuousness in the mouth revealed a really tasty bitterness, all underscored by a fresh, lively Centennial and Cascade hop riot.

God, it was excellent.  The Chico yeast strain (I presume?) meant that this APA really tasted like an APA – without any complex yeasty esters jumbling it all up.

Dave pronounced Dark Star APA as one of his new favourite beers (so much so that when all three of them left on the Friday, they swung past The Shore again for lunch – meaning that Caroline had to drive home, after Dave made a bit too free with the APA…)

As beer’s go I couldn’t have been happier.  Dave is interested in trying to brew up a clone for a party they’re having sometime in September…it’ll be a 45 Litre batch, too.  Lordy!

I’ll get to work on a recipe.  In the meantime, try to track down some Darkstar APA, you won’t regret it…


2 thoughts on “A beachside delight: Dark Star – American Pale Ale

  1. Truly bizarre! I’ve just had an identical experience. Staying in a friend’s house in East Wittering, walking the dog along the beach and grabbing a cheeky pint in The Shore before meeting family in The Boulevard for fish and chips. Saw the Dark Star and went for the APA. Blew my socks off! Searched for the ingredients and anyone brewing a clone. Found this blog. Circle complete. Strange, but proves how good Dark Star are at their job. Sent me stickers for my camper van. Love DS.

    • Marvelous. What a weird coincidence! Funny how things turn out isn’t it? I wanted to brew a clone of the APA, or at least something in the same vein – but haven’t got around to it, yet… Hoping to be back in the Witterings this summer at some point…lets hope they’ve still got it on tap at The Shore! Cheers for writing!

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