Craft Beer in Banbury: SH Jones Wines Ltd

20140811_102112I managed to lose my glasses on Sunday night, in a field, in the dark. By this act of stupidity I found myself in Banbury on a Monday morning at the crack of dawn (well, alright, 10am) waiting for my new glasses to be made up.

I decided to pop into SH Jones’ as I dimly remembered on my last visit that they mentioned about getting more of a range of beers in – plus I remembered seeing somewhere in the local press that they were holding an IPA TASTING evening – an event which had my name written all over it, but I couldn’t get to for some reason or other…

Anyway, SH Jones are about to become a regular feature of my trips to Banbury due to their new and very impressive range of craft-inspired beers: Tzara, Jaipur and Kipling from Thornbridge, A HUGE SELECTION FROM THE KERNEL, stuff from XT (including “9”), the whole Samuel Smiths range, A SMALL RANGE OF SIREN beers, Orval, Pawel Kwak and all sorts of other joyous delights.

I had to restrain myself as I have a box full of beers to review already…but I’ll be back with a fist-full of notes in exchange for a box full of beers. If we all start buying from these folks they’ll be able to carry and even bigger range for us to sample in future…

SH Jones Wines Ltd
27 High Street,
Banbury, OX16 5EW
Tel: 01295 251179
Fax: 01295 272352

One thought on “Craft Beer in Banbury: SH Jones Wines Ltd

  1. Hi Jon, from all of us at SH Jones Wines we are delighted that you enjoyed our tasting and liked our range! Thank you so much for all of your support, much appreciated.
    The SH Jones Wines team -:)

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