The most golden of all golden ales: Earl Soham – Brandeston Gold

20140729_195610Here’s a review of a beer that’s quite local to it’s own area, but shouldn’t be: Brandeston gold should be available NATIONWIDE – It really is that good…

First off, I need to say how much I like the Earl Soham brewery’s beers – I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a pint of their “Vic” (Victoria bitter) at the Vic in Earl Soham, Suffolk.  I’ve even got the notes from a review of Vic somewhere; but I can’t – for the life of me – find them.  Looks like I’ll just have to drink and review it again…and that’s no hardship at all…

Anyway, back to the beer at hand: arriving in a glass a really lovely bullion-gold colour with a frothy, crisp, white head Brandeston Gold really is a golden beer.

The aroma is decadent honeyed malt, in fact probably the most honeyish beer I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing,  layered over the top is sexily sweet malt and just the slightest hint of minerality.

The taste is joyously sweetly bitter and all honey and nutty with a beautiful chewy malty cereal body and lovely, lasting, aftertaste.  If I was forced to describe this beer to in four words they’d be “Liquid Honey Nut Cornflakes”

Just gorgeous. I’d be happy to drink this everyday.  If Brandeston Gold isn’t being entered into competitions, it should be – it’d win awards by the bucket-full… A de-facto Golden Ale.  Sainsburys, Tesco, etc, should be stocking this beer nationwide.  (I can’t find a page for Brandeston Gold, but there’s a load of them in that bucket on the front page!)

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