Very much to the point: Stevens Point – IPA

20140808_183347It’s the day after IPA day as I write this review of an IPA, which just goes to show how “now” I am.

M’colleague Mr. Bishop dropped this bottle of beer off with me, telling me that his wife picked it up from B&M (Bargains and More) for the princely sum of 79p.  Yes, let’s run that past again: SEVENTY-NINE PENCE.  For a bottle of beer.  What ever is the world coming to?  I can’t even begin to do the maths on the profit margin or tax or anything.


Stevens Point IPA pours out a lovely dark-copper colour and has a head that hangs about a bit.  It certainly looks right for a US IPA.

The aroma is, however, a little bit subdued for a US IPA – which does make me question it’s freshness, but it’s well in date and the aroma that is there is resinous piney and dank.  Floating around in the background are hints of caramel and singed-orange, which makes me think of Amarillo hops.

In the taste I got a good jab of upfront hoppiness – all resinous and pine – underscored by a solid slab of malt and then a big old dose bitterness.  The after-taste was long and uncompromising: being all piney, bitter caramel and malt.

Stevens Point is a classic IPA, maybe not as “big” or complex as some others by Stone, Fat Heads, Three Floyds, etc. but it’s a bloody riotous bargain at seventy-nine bloody pence a bottle.  ( I can’t actually find the IPA anywhere on the site.  Maybe you’ll have more luck than me)

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