A good, solid, Bitter: Donning Brewery – Double Donn Bitter

20140730_191822I was given this beer by the husband (me-Jerry) of one of Eve’s colleague (me Julie).  It’s always nice to see Jerry as he is something of a winemaker, so I take him my beer and he brings his wine – the one I’ve enjoyed most is his “Piston Plum Wine” – If I can get the recipe I’ll post it up on the blog.

Anyway Double Donn is a classic bitter – appearing dark chestnut brown and bearing a thinnish head, the aroma is malt-dominated with some nuttiness and a little juicy fruit from the yeast.

The taste is again strongly malty with a delicate nuttiness and some good fruit and wood notes.  The after taste is long-lasting and enjoyable.

There isn’t anything here that really reaches out and grabs me, but it’s a good solid pint and just the thing if you’re after a bang-on-the-button bitter.  I liked it…


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