Roars like a tiger: SixPoint – Bengali

20140815_123922So, this Friday lunchtime – as it was just Karl and I who were interested in the pub – we decided to shoot across to Witney and see what Wetherspoons (The Company of Weavers) had to offer. 

As it turned out they were still offering Six Point beers in cans, but this this time they had more choices available – so as I wasn’t driving, I decided to go with the Bengali…

Bengali arrived a thickish-looking, hazy autumnal-sunset colour.  Good solid maltiness and resinous dank hop aromas poured from the glass – all accompanied by quite a heady warm alcoholic note from the 6.5% ABV strength. 

The mouth-feel is slab-solid, making this feel like a “big” beer.  A hefty bitterness-hop tumult assaults your tongue and leads through to a chewily resinous, dankly-hoppy and warmly-alcoholic experience.  The after-taste is strong and long-lasting and is solid malt, prickly-pine resinous hops and that life-affirming, sustaining, bitterness.

In my opinion Wetherspoon’s served this beer just a little too cold for my liking – as over the course of a half-hour or so, the fruitiness of the flavours and aromas developed even more potency and vibrancy.

Bengali is definitely more of a handful than Sweet Action (reviewed here: but is just as dangerously drinkable. 

Excellent.  Well worth it.  I look forward to trying more of SixPoint’s range…

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