The Beer Kitchen (Wadworths) – Wheat Beer

20140821_213453You know those time when you get yourself all worked up and really ready to enjoy something?  Yes?  Well that’s precisely what happened to me yesterday…

The previous night Eve was doing the shopping (in bed, online, on her phone, at the Ocado site – we’re so now aren’t we?  Ocado – this is the second plug you’ve had in two days.  Pull your finger out and send me a case of beers, please.  The reach of this site is unprecedented(ish)…)

Eve noticed that “The Beer Kitchen” range of beers was reduced (2 for £3) so she asked which ones I’d like to review (You’re not married?  Oh you should be.  See if you can find a partner like Eve.  She thinks of me and how I slave [hah!] over this blog)

Anyway, I selected The Beer Kitchen’s wheat beer (and also their IPA – which I will post here when done)

So there I was yesterday evening; poised at the front door for the 8.30pm – 9.30pm free delivery slot (as well as being very now, we’re also very tight).

Coiled like a spring I was ready to dive into the bag and liberate this beer for review and thirst-slaking.

Delivery-bloke had barely got the bag through the door before I had the bottle out, cap off and into a glass.

Ah.  It’s a “filtered” wheat beer.  In the Kristal Weizen style.  I was looking forward to tons of yeasty fruitniess, coriander, some phenols – the whole lot;  but, what I actually got was a startlingly clear, not at all yeasty, beer.  Oh well.

The aroma was very gentle malts (and wheat, I guess) and muted yeast aromatics.  Some straw, herbalness, maybe some drying hay and a suggestion of rubber or bubblegum.

Taste-wise it was brightly effervescent…and then nothing…for quite a while.  The some graininess came in.  Some spiciness followed. clutching a few herbal notes in it’s hand.

I got more fruitiness on the after-taste.  The aroma was way better than the taste.

Shame, really.  Next time I’ll definitely go for Franziskaner or Weihenstephaner.  Mit hefe.!

2 thoughts on “The Beer Kitchen (Wadworths) – Wheat Beer

  1. Did it smell of farts, like most other Wadworth Ales? (Particularly 6X)

    Btw, love the write up – online shopping – in bed!! Who knew… it’s the new rock n roll !


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