The most sessionable of IPAs: Founders – All Day IPA

20140825_115722Even by my standards this is piss-poor photography…

So yesterday we all struck out for soggy Oxford in the hope of securing a “remote control” helicopter for Arthur, some sightseeing for Jacob; and some respite from the squawking, bellowing, etc. that’s produced by two bored kids stuck inside the house on rainy day…

And as we were in Oxford we thought we’d do lunch at Byron’s – mainly because they know how to cook, can get kids’ food out at the right temperature and on time (i.e. straight-away) and also have a craft beer menu: it’s because of all of these things that I love them so.

Amongst the very tempting things on the beer menu was Founders All-Day IPA.  I’ve heard a lot about Founders and am gearing myself up to have a test and review of their Breakfast Stout – whenever I can get hold of a bottle.


All-Day IPA is so-called because it’s a comparatively weak (4.7%!), sessionable, interpretation of a standard US IPA.  But being less-than 6% doesn’t make it any less of a beer, not by a long chalk.

Arriving classically IPA hazy and a typically orangey-copper colour, it looked just right.  The head was sea-foam slick and told me good things were in store. 

The aroma was marvellously hoppy and, although I couldn’t pin down any exact varieties, there seemed to be evidence of the famous “C” variety hops in there (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, etc.) as there was florality, citrus and pines galore.

Taste-wise, you wouldn’t have known that this was a sub-6% beer: rich and chewy malts with a really great mouth-feel reclined back on a huge bed of solid hoppiness. 

An excellent bitterness filled in a lot of the (admittedly, small) gaps where those points of warming alcohol would normally reside; and a lovely, lasting, after-taste of hops and bitter rode in afterwards to remind you that there was more left in the glass…and after that probably a lot more in the bottles in the fridge too…

What a great beer for a lunchtime and what a great beer menu from Byron.  Well done all.  I’ll be back.  There’s a 7% Odell IPA on that menu that’s got my name on it…  (It comes in cans too.  Can you imagine getting (responsibly) smashed on those at a picnic on a summers day.?)

6 thoughts on “The most sessionable of IPAs: Founders – All Day IPA

  1. Nice! Byron and Founders. Two of my favourite things!
    I managed to get a bottle of breakfast stout somehow, will be reviewing it later in the year. It’s quality stuff! Tried some at the London Craft Beer Festival! Anyways, let’s stay in touch and follow each other 🙂

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