Contains NO Salt whatsoever: Cliff Quay Brewery – Sea Dog

20140903_200041It’s been a briny old affair writing these last few reviews; all Adnams beers fair reek of maritime goodness, and guess what?  So do Cliff Quay’s…

I dearly loved Cliff Quay’s Bitter ( so I was naturally well up for testing out Sea Dog Strong Pale Ale.

Sea Dog poured a really nice orangey colour – in fact it’s probably the most orange-coloured beer I’ve ever seen: try to imagine the colour of turning leaves on a vine, if you can.  The head froths up nicely and then seems to slip away quite quickly like a wisp of sea mist.

The aroma is fruitily malty with a very nice fresh, sea-air, sort-of theme.  In the taste I got really gorgeous fruity maltiness, all wrapped up in a pleasantly lightish body, and a very long finish of  autumnal fruity malts and a little dryness kept me interested and supping.

If I was to draw any comparison, it’s a bit like a lighter-bodied Adnams Broadside – but that lighter body fools you into thinking you could sink a harbourful of Sea Dog, even though it’s 5.5% and will sneak up on you with a lead-filled sock if you’re not careful and press-gang you into happy unconsciousness…

If you should see Sea Dog, do order it and drink it.  A beer to enjoy when there’s a keening wind outside, the white horses are up and the shutters are rattling…

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