A wheat that WAS worth the wait: Erdinger (@ErdingerWB) – Weissbrau

20140908_125616I put my back out this weekend – lifting up a just starting-to-walk-Jacob.  So after a trip to the Osteopaths, I thought a small painkiller might be in order, so I bought myself a bottle of Erdinger Weissbrau.

This wheat beer arrives appropriately “mit hefe” and being a hazy pale sun-gold yellow means it’s a very attractive-looking drink indeed.  A thin head hangs about long enough for a quick “hello” before sliding off, leaving faint traces and a little lacing around the glass.

The nose of Erdinger is faintly grainy, a little yeasty and not much else – which is fine.  I don’t want my wheat beer hopped to bits.  This is all about the yeast.

A hearty effervescence makes for a hugely refreshing pint indeed,  and once that clears you’re left with a delightful creamy mouth-feel and an accompanying creamy taste that has a gentle peppery and grainy note attached to it, on the swallow the taste fizzles gently away to leave tasty banana undertones, a little sweetness and a lovely dry note.

Excellent – refreshing, complex and tasty.  I wasn’t turned on to wheat beers before, but now am. Quite lovely – get some for the days when you’ve deserved refreshment.


(They’re very proud of this beer, you can see it in the web page – and why not?  It’s an excellent product.)

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