Six IS the Best: XT Brewery (@xtbrew) – 6

XT6Happy times for me – it’s another beer to try from XT…

How nice it is to wander into a pub and see that familiar font on a pump clip.  I’m a big fan of the whole XT line-up (or at least those, I’ve tried…)

XT6 is a fine dark ruby-red, vision of a beer; with a great big dark-malt surge up the nostrils and lively floral, slightly citrussy hop notes that poke out here and there.

The taste is expansively malty: a really great big kick-up-the-arse malt bill – all delicious, chewy and satisfying.  Oh, delicious malt and your velvety embrace…  There’s hoppiness too and it’s lively and exciting and forms a cosy alliance with the big fat malts…

The after-taste is long and enduring and means you just can’t leave the pint alone…until it’s all gone and you want another one.

I need to seek this beer out again when it’s colder outside, I’ve got nothing in particular to do and there’s a great big steak and ale pie in the oven.


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