It’s not just for Marmalade, you know: Beer Kitchen (@Wadworth) – Orange Peel Beer


I know some folks load up their wheats, weiss and wits with some orange peel and sometimes a smidge of coriander seed –  but a “brown” beer with Orange peel in it?  That’s just got to be mad, hasn’t it?

Well, no.  Not completely…

Orange Peel beer is nicely carbonated and the colour of slightly-more-wholesome-looking Irn Bru.

The aroma is yeastily fruity and big on the malt, I can’t detect a strong orange aroma, but it’s obviously there and is well-meshed into the overall hops and malt theme.  You can almost smell the sweetness of the malt bill, which as I understand it, is prett-much dominated by Munich malt.

The taste is quite sweet, but not cloyingly so.  It’s quite “Bockish” with a strong malty presence and some nice mineral notes that seem to bolt everything in place.  Again there’s a sizeable fruity note in there, but it’s not over-bearingly orangey.  The sweetness, fruitiness and just a hint of bitter lingers on in the after-taste.

I feel that this is very much a “dessert” sort of beer and would go well with something else.  Cake maybe, oh hold on: Christmas cake or even Christmas pudding.  What a good idea.

I also think that this beer is crying out to be paired up with something gingery, too.  Hmmm…


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