Wahey, Stephen! Weihenstephaner (@WeihenstephanUK) – Hefe Weissbier

20140918_201431My awful photography just doesn’t do this beer justice…

…at least I’m presuming that’s how the name translates?  Maybe I’ve got that wrong?  :o)

Just as it’s getting on towards Autumn I go and start reviewing beautiful refreshing wheat beers.  Typical…

Anyway:  Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier – what a lovely, lovely, lovely beer.

Arriving a really gorgeous, almost luminous hazy orange colour and sporting the snowiest caps – this beer is a joy to behold.

The aroma is deliciously tempting: being all yeastily-complex with graininess from the wheat, some bubble-gummy notes and a delicate spicy edge.

In the mouth it’s highly carbonated – that, after a short while, dissolves away leaving a soft and creamy cranachan-like mouth-feel, upon which a beautiful spicy sweetness plays out.

Wheat beer in my opinion is all about the mouth-feel – you just can’t get that with barley malt alone – and it serves as a great back-drop for all the other flavours; it’s such a great ingredient for this feeling of sumptuous, velvety indulgence.

After the swallow, spiciness fizzes and pops on the tongue before a blanket of creaminess comes down once again – bringing gentle cloves and banana at the very end.

Refreshing and silky smooth, this in one hell of beer: easy and joyous to drink – but do take the time to appreciate the breadth and depth of its complexity…as you pour literally gallons of it down your neck.


Could I even attempt to reproduce something as good as this at home?  We’ll see…

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