The Friar’s Favourite: Franziskaner – Hefe Weissbier

20140924_192547I seem to have gone Weissbier crazy these past few reviews.  If the truth be told I just can’t get enough of their creamy refreshing ways.  Next up: Franziskaner Weissbier…

Look at the label: that Franciscan monk looks suitably pleased with himself – and he should do: as far as he’s concerned he’s got God on his side and he gets to drink this lovely beer.

Out it came and into the glass, a slightly muted orangey colour with plently of hefe haze.  As with all beers containing wheat, Franziskaner had a huge dollop of fluffy snow-white head.

On the nose there was quite an assertive minerals and grain theme with a soothing back-up of spice and banana*

Before the taste there was the vigorous carbonation – typical of Weissbier style, which slowly dissipates to reveal a nice up-front spiciness, followed by smooth banana creaminess and then a really nice spicy-prickly dry note that persists for an astonishing amount time.

The after-taste is that of lovely creaminess with more overlay of dry peppery spiciness

This is another lovely example of the Weiss style…  (which is all in German. but there is such a thing as Google Translate!)

(*Banana, why banana?  Well.  It’s all to do with a chemical called Isoamyl Acetate that gets produced as a by-product of the ferementing yeast.  Weiss yeasts are particularly good at producing this pronounced banana taste.  Lots of information on Isoamyl Acetate here: – the seventh paragraph on, if you don’t want to read it all)

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