Tumble Home or Tumble at Home: Cliff Quay (@Cliffquaybrewer) Tumble Home

20140926_204310It can’t have been more than a couple of few weeks back since I took a look at Cliff Quay’s Sea Dog – which I enjoyed enormously.

Well now it’s the turn of Tumble Home, a beer that’s very aptly named given it’s 4.7% strength; it’s just one of those beers that’s easy to drink and easy to get drunk on.

A lovely ruby brown (if you can imagine such a colour – maybe more a russett?) with a tan head that hangs about before fizzling off for islands, foamy.

On the nose it’s good solid malts with overtones of fruitiness and a light sherry-ish kind of edge – I’d definitely put this one in the autumn beer category.

The taste follows a solid carbonation, and is both sweet and dry in the body with autumn fruits, some woody twangs, a bit of old leather and a lovely dry woody fruity finish.

The after-taste is like polished wood in the air, bookish, antique-y with lots and lots of lovely warming alcohol.

I think I’d like to drink this while raking up the leaves and having a bonfire.  God, autumn’s coming and no mistake – Let’s switch gears and get whammo on stuff like Tumble Home…


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