Tasting Notes: Simon the Saisonal Seabird (A Belgian Saison with Grapefruit) Keg Version


Mr Nitwit admires the Style of this beer

It seems such a long time ago now, but do you remember me brewing this? https://yeastismybitch.com/2014/08/11/simon-the-saisonal-seabird-a-belgian-saison-with-grapefruit/

Well, it’s now time to scribble a few notes about it.  This time I’m only reviewing the keg version – I did bottle a lot of it, but there was a fair few litres in the keg, so that’s where I’ve been enjoying it.

In the glass a really nice, fluffy – but not long-lasting – white head sits atop an amber, scotch-clear, beer. A light force-carbonated running bead makes up for the somewhat eventually collapsible nature of the head.

A powerful spicy Belgian aroma pairs with a decent thread of solid alcohol amongst, while notes of grapefruit-y citrus come along for the ride too.  It’s very-well meshed together and teasing the yeast and grapefruit aromas apart is difficult.  I’m declaring this a victory on the aroma front.

The taste has a solid leading amount of Belgian spice, with a balancing sweetness and some lovely yeast-fruity complexity – all of this is supported by a dryish theme and a big old dose of Saison spice at the end.  It’s definitely more Belgian than Saison, but I’m OK with that…the WLP568 yeast probably not being fermented warm enough by me to really encourage the Saison character.

The after-taste is distinctly Belgian and dry and spicily refreshing.

Now that’s all great and I couldn’t be happier; but this is where it all starts to get a bit weird…but in a good way:

Remember this is a grapefruit themed beer?  Well…the grapefruit pops up in different places on the taste curve, as well as in different mouthfuls – sometimes it’s smack up-front in the initial taste – and at other times it runs on strongly in the after-taste.

It’s definitely very odd, but it’s also rather interesting and really rather nice.  At times it’s strong and pithy and beautifully assertive, whilst at other times it’s smooth and peppery and perfectly dove-tailed in with the Belgian spiciness.

Holy cow, I couldn’t leave this keg alone and the majority of it was drunk far too young.  Moral of the story: let Belgian beers age so they improve – becoming more sublime and delicious with the passing of time.  I’m certainly not touching the bottled version any more until Christmas.

I am definitely going to be making this beer  again – it’s far too nice not to…but I might try some other weird-arse fruit additions; for instance, I think Mandarins would be really special…

Will report back on the bottled version near Christmas…

2 thoughts on “Tasting Notes: Simon the Saisonal Seabird (A Belgian Saison with Grapefruit) Keg Version

  1. Ahh… Mr Jon. Am just enjoying a bottle (of which, you kindly gave me) of this fine brew now. Very splendid it is too – I tip my hat to you sir !

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