Deftly Hopped: Lagunitas (@Lagunitasbeer) – IPA

20141014_202302There I was happily browsing through the Adnams Kitchen and Cellar Shop in Southwold only to find that they’ve gone and imported some lovely US IPA for me to try…they must have known that I was going to visit…

Lagunitas is one of those brewery names that I see and hear a lot in the home-brew and tasting forums, but didn’t think I’d ever get to try until I was back in the US of A – and yet here it is, by the pallet-load in Southwold.  Happy Days.

Out of the bottle Lagunitas IPA was a sort of Fosters-amber-colour with a smart-looking dense white head and a very solid carbonation.  (I really must pay more attention to working out bottle carbonation for my beers properly, the old “a third to half-a-teaspoon of sugar should do” approach doesn’t always work that well.)

On the nose, a glorious melange of bright, lively, hops – with a faint chromey edge and floral notes that flowed throughout.

Big mouth-filling hoppiness in the taste: prickly and resinous: joyous, nimble and uplifting; and not at all cloying or heavy.  Cutting through all of that like a knife is an excellent bitterness, which makes for a very “can’t leave this alone” sort of beer.

A long pervasive after-taste, with shovelfuls of resurgent resin and prickly pines ran long and strong…

This is an excellent IPA, make no mistake.  It isn’t a total bruiser, it’s a delicate yet forceful example of the classic US IPA style.  It would be so easy for Lagunitas to really load up on the hop resins and turn it into a lumbering hop juggernaut, but I’m glad that they’ve exercised a deft hopping regime and teased out all of that lovely aroma and punchy taste.

Will definitely be drinking this again, should I get the chance…

4 thoughts on “Deftly Hopped: Lagunitas (@Lagunitasbeer) – IPA

  1. You can actually get this in Wetherspoon these days – it surprised me to see it there, but they have upped their game lately when it comes to their bottled beer range.

    • Ah. That’s good news. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it when I’m next in JDWs. That’s the trouble with a Wetherspoon’s these days…there’s too much choice and I spend a couple of minutes looking like a div trying to work out what to have (and whether I’ll have to review it!)

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