A Lager I Like a Lot: @HarviestounBrew – Schiehallion

20141031_190622At -another- leaving do for one of my colleagues (there’ll only be me left at this rate) in Oxford, we decided to go back to The Standard curry house in Walton Street as it’s a) great and b) got a beer menu.  As I was driving much later on, I thought I’d go for a smaller bottle of beer and as it was a curry, why not try a Lager?

Now, Me and Lager have an on/off relationship (it’s normally “on” and available, and I’m normally put “off” of trying it…as a child of the eighties/nineties I am congenitally predisposed towards hating shit lager)

Anyway, that might all have to go out of the window now I’ve tried Schiehallion…

I poured it into my glass, it was lightish lager-coloured with a crystal-sparkly white head.

One sniff and the aroma instantly blew away all my old Lager-based fears: it smelt of something.  A nice something:  clean fresh, with an alluring maltiness, some grains and a little slab of fresh ozoney hops.  Enchanting.

The taste was solid malt with a crisp freshness about it.  The malts were definitely to the fore and the wheat added a delicious layer of luscious viscosity and creaminess.  A spritzy, lively, clean hoppiness sat atop the whole thing and made it sparkle, pop and fizz.

Lovely.  I mean really lovely.  Quite simply the best lager I’ve ever had.  Period.

I’ve never had a yearning to brew a lager before.  Now I have…


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