BLACK! The Blackness! @TownMillBrewery – Black Ven

20141123_192152God, how I loved The Fast Show:

…and how I also love the output of the folks from the Town Mill Brewery in Lyme Regis.

Black(!) Ven pours a very suitably black, black, with a nice faintly off-white head.

The nose is all minerals and malt with a subtle fruitiness.

There’s lots of carbonation up-front before you get to the taste and then it’s all warm alcohol, complex woody and fruity notes and then a very gentle charred note at the back. A good mouth-feel – despite the slightly generous carbonation.

Black Ven gets even more complex after the swallow and resurges nicely with leather and wood and more gentle char.

I think this is a lovely, complex porter – but I do wish it was a tad less carbonated.

Mouth-watering and tasty.

Well done (again) Town Mill…

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