He’ll soon be back at this rate: @OakhamAles – Bishop’s Farewell

20150127_201246…that’s if that Bishop’s got any sense; this is too good a beer to miss…

Well it’s happy times again as I get to report back on Oakham’s Bishop’s Farewell, and what a lovely beer it is too:

A lovely light and golden colour with a tempting hazy quality to it.  I say tempting, because haze – in my book – normally means DRY HOPPING and we all like a bit of that, don’t we?  The head was a little on the collapsible side, but that’s neither here ‘nor there.

The aroma was honey and citrus pith with that lovely singed bitter orange theme that I seem to get with all good hoppy beers; also in amongst were more than enough pines and dank to keep me interested.

The taste reminded me a bit of Oakham’s JHB (Jeffrey Hudson Bitter) as it led out with that same beautifully assertive acerbic note, but after that came a light caramel from the malt that supported a hefty dose of pines, lemons and grapefruit prickliness.

Beautifully carbonated and magnificently refreshing this is a top beer to have with pretty much anything.  It’ll cut right through heavy British cuisine, but will also make Asian/Indian cuisines pop like mad.

The other great thing is that it’s a 500ml bottle – so there’s loads of it, and because of the excellent malt body it feels much bigger than the 5% ABV.

Bloody marvellous.

You could, if you fancied, chill it down a little further and serve it in the summer as you would a sparkling white wine in some fancy flutes (as per my review of Thornbridge Kipling: https://yeastismybitch.com/2013/11/11/thornbridge-kipling/) or you could just pour lovely great pints of it down your neck.

Get some today:


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