Not a mincing short-arse: Brasserie des Legendes – Hercule Stout

20150403_215249Good lord.  A Belgian Stout?  Whatever next?

Those keraaaazy Belgians, they just can’t help taking a style and Belgianing it up to the max, can they?  I love them for that.

Hercule is, unsurprisingly, named after Agatha Christie’s famous diminutive, mincing Belgian detective (alright, so I’m basing that on David Suchet’s superb representation) but this namesake stout is certainly no mincing short-arse:

A solid slab of black with a head of old lace, this is a marvellously imposing beer.The aroma is warmly roasted, a little spicy and, like some other beers of this ilk, has a bit of old leather-bound book about it.  It’s unmistakeably Belgian-yeast led and all the greater for it.

The taste is immense: huge and mouth-filling, warming spicy and charry…like the inside of a oak whisky barrel (pre-filled).  A definite Belgian theme lays heavily over the top.

This is a very big and very long beer indeed. The fine carbonation frames up the whole thing nicely, and a warming alcoholic note (9%!) offsets the lovely charry-bitter finish.

God, this beer goes on forever…

If I was to be a nit-picking so-and-so, I’d like a shade more sweetness, but in spite of that it’s bloody excellent…

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