Brewdog: @brewdog shares available now!

LogoDo you like Brewdog?  Do you like their style? Do you want to own a piece of their future action?

Well now you can.  Brewdog are inviting you to invest in their future, and what a future they’ve got planned, just take a look at this ambitious list – which I stole directly from their share prospectus:

  • Build a bigger brewery
  • Develop our canned beer range
  • Open new UK bars
  • Invest in Environmental Technologies
  • Develop our Abstrakt beer range
  • Grow our international bar division
  • Launch our Craft Distillery
  • Build a sour beer facility
  • Establish a UK import & distribution arm
  • Launch Hop Shot; a new ice-distilled beer
  • Open a craft beer focused hotel
  • Establish a USA-based brewing operation

Obviously there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money, but look how well they’ve done so far…and that’s not to mention all the side benefits you’ll also get from investing (discounts and free stuff!)  I’m not going to crap on about it any more, as I’ve invested already (and may put some more in yet…if they break America then we’ll all be coining it in!)

When you invest, It’d be great if you could quote this referral code, as that’ll mean referral points for you and me: R586989 plus they’ll know that you came from and that’ll make us all look extra hip…

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