Balearic Craft: Popaire and @CervezaIbosim Collaboration – Carob Porter


I think I’ve mentioned before that my sister-in-law lives in Ibiza, which means that I get the occasional decent Spanish beer to try.

This Carob porter really was one of the decent ones.  Apparently it’s the result of a collaboration between the Popair and Ibosim breweries – and if this is the result, maybe they’d like to do more in future…

Poured out it, was as black as you like with that lovely tan head that you seem to get from the darker malts.

The nose was very faintly metallic, but that didn’t last too long being pretty much obliterated by a solid full roast theme that eventually gave way to a rich chocolate note, which I guess comes from the Carob.

The mouth-feel is a solid malty mouth-full, solid and uncompromising with lots of hefty smooth -and not at all acrid- roast.  Chocolate comes flooding back in at the end and with the 6% volume lends the whole thing an almost Imperial stout feel.

A masterful roasted maltiness.

Well done…and really not what you’d expect from this part of the world.

I’d have this again, without question.  Can’t help thinking that it’d be nice to have this in the Balearic winter when there’s a nip in the air and all the tourists have tickled off home…

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