On Test: @WoodfordesAle Wherry – Beer Kit (second attempt), tasting notes

20150117_200509After the rather disappointing result from my first attempt at a Woodfordes canned kit*, I’m back with results of my second attempt.  And what a difference another attempt makes…

I did exactly the same as I did last time: the same procedure, the same cleanliness regime, the same vessels, etc.  I let it go for two weeks in the fermenter and then 10 days conditioning n the cornelius keg.  Here’s what it came out like:

A nice mahogany colour, with exceptionally good head retention…I mean really good.  The head stays right to the bottom the of the all-too-frequently empty glass.

Aroma-wise, I’m not blown away – but it’s a bitter, and I’m happy enough with the malty pleasantness of it.

The mouth feel is good (I did make the kit up a couple of pints short for this reason), with a splendid orangey maltiness in the taste that segues into a nice residual sweetness and a good long bitterness.

It’s obviously not as fresh as an all-grain, as it’s been in the tin for a bit and it’s a hopped, boiled and (I guess) reduced wort…but saying that every single person that I’ve served it to was genuinely surprised that it came out of a can and wasn’t either shop-bought or made from scratch.

…and they all, without exception, asked for another pint….

So there we go.  Canned kits, if made with care and looked after well are more than acceptable ways of making good beer at home.  Jeez if brewing quantities of good beer is this easy, why aren’t more people doing it.?

I really must thank Rachel and co. at Woodfordes for sending me another kit to have another go at.  Without that I might have written kits off of as the poor relations in the homebrewing world.

(*https://yeastismybitch.com/2015/03/20/on-test-woodfordesale-wherry-beer-kit-tasting/ I’ve still no why that one turned out like it did.  It’s a mystery and seems in no way to be Woodfordes fault)

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