A Secret Beer.

classified…and it’s a secret for a very good reason…too…

You see I’m entering it in the Great British Homebrew competition (http://www.gbhomebrew.co.uk/Home.html) so this will be the only beer that I brew this year that I won’t be writing about…unless it wins – which, if it does, you’ll hear plenty about it…don’t you worry about that.

As it is, I hit my targets smack on and on it’s way to the fermenter it tasted just about how I wanted it to…

So as long as the yeast does a good job and I don’t manage to make an arse of it before it gets in the bottle, it should be something that I’ll be proud to enter.

I’ve never entered a beer competition before.  This could mean me spending a fortune on stamps and sending bottles all over the place…

Fingers crossed.  Wish me luck.

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