Silly Season Summer Saison


You know me…any excuse for pointless alliteration.

It’s summer everyone and it hasn’t even started raining yet!  But, it’s Glastonbury this weekend and thousands of people in shorts, wellies and bloody ridiculous hats need a good soaking – so it probably will…  (Secretly, I’d love to be there.  But I’m too busy, the kids are too young and I gave up sh*tting in a bucket years ago.)

So with all this good weather about, lets make some Saison that I can keg and enjoy a pint of in the piddling rain of high summer.

A very simple grain bill of Maris Otter; with some Magnum hops for bittering, some Styrians (Bobek) for taste and aroma…and that’s about it:

Silly Season

I mashed in at 38C as per usual, did a further 80 minutes at 65C for the sacch. rest and then mashed out at 76C for 10 minutes.  Easy-peasy.

I’ve kept 30g of Styrians back for dry-hopping – as it’s one of life’s pleasures…

I got about 19L of wort into the fermenter at 1045 (i.e. smack on what i wanted it to be) with some lovely Belle Saison yeast.

I put the remaining 4.5L of wort into a demijohn with some S-04 English Ale yeast for a top secret future project (the nature of which I’ll divulge when the time is right.)

Everything is happily chirrupping along merrily and the S-04 is taking every opportunity to go completely mad in the heat:

Mad dogs, Englishmen and Ale yeast go out in the mid-day sun

I’ll let you know howit all goes.  Quickly I hope, as I’m thirsty for a hoppy Saison.

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