Silly Season Summer Saison – Tasting Notes

20150724_200554Well here’s a quick round-up of how this one turned out…it’s the first time that I’ve kegged a Saison and I must say it’s been a bit of a success…

Arriving in the glass a hazy yellow-gold colour with a lovely lasting head, it looks right.  Trouble is, because someone (probably me) has moved my nylon hop bags I was forced to sanitize and use a substitute bag which once had a child’s jigsaw puzzle in it…which made for a quite a shit hop bag – so there’s the occasional little floaty hop bit.

Look, lets just say that it was a rustic farmhouse Saison.  Problem solved.

The nose is all minerals and spicy citrus hops (Styrian Keg Hops, yum) and the yeast contributes a nice little spicy feel; there’s a slight bracing sea-weedy note too and just a little smidge of berry fruits.  I’m happy enough with all of that.

The mouth-feel is solid and satisfying with a decent carbonation.  The spiciness leads out with pines, lemon-citrus and an almost Greek taverna-in-the-trees-on the beach sort of theme about it…it’s a happy theme and one that I’m very pleased with.

The citrus and yeast notes are quite long-lasting in the after-taste, too – which I like a lot.  It’s been very enjoyable on weekend lunchtimes with cheese sandwiches, olives and salady bits.

I will make a keg-full again, soon.  Hopefully the weather will last long enough to enjoy it…

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