Like a dog with two… @TwoCocksBrewery – Viscount

20150909_201137This is a beer that I was given for my birthday by my sister and brother-in-law – who run Hampers deli in Woodstock; which, as well all know, is THE place to go for hampers, champers and epicurean delights of all sorts:

Anyway, on with the review:

There’s not a massive aroma to Viscount, but I’d know that Nelson Sauvin hop signature anywhere: it’s all elderflower, gooseberry and white summer berry fruits.

The colour is light and coppery (much darker than other Nelson Sauvin beers I’ve had – Thornbridge Kipling being the most famous example.  A thinnish white head caps off the appearance nicely.

The taste is excellent, I mean first class: a light summery freshness which both refreshes and encourages further consumption; there’s gooseberries, lychees and a faint, but very enticing, root ginger note.  A gentle sweetness rounds the whole thing off.

I could literally drink pints of Viscount when the sun’s high in the sky (or at any other time, really.)  From the picture you can see how well it pairs with Thai food…

This is a beer that could well give Kipling a run for it’s money in a blind taste-off.


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