The taste will conquer you: @WindsorEtonBrew – Conqueror 1075 Black IPA

20150903_190707I don’t think we get enough black IPAs these days…thank the good lord above that Windsor and Eton have noticed this and provided one…

Holy cow it’s black.  I mean blacker than black.  Don’t put a glass of it down in a power-cut as you’ll never find it again.  It’s also got a brooding dark brown head that sort of saunters off after a few minutes…

The nose is enormous and heavy with thick roastiness and a big old resinous hope edge.  As with all roasty ‘n’ hoppy beers there’s a lovely old leather, bookish, theme about it with some yeasty fruit on the very back.

Taste-wise we’re getting with enormous amounts of malt, I mean massively malty with a lovely soft effervescence.

Huge great roast flavours mingle with those fat resinous hops – lending that same “deep leather armchairs at a Gentlemens’ club” theme that we first encountered in the aroma – but there’s also some liquorice and further roast, which enhances the overall complexity.

At 7.4% (flip!) we do get a blimmin’ great alcoholic warmth, but there’s no offensive alcoholic burn.  It’s all nicely fitted together…which is no mean feat; I know that beers this big are a difficult act to pull off and for that we must applaud the folks at Windsor and Eaton.

God, this beer is worth having. Buy it on sight, if you see it

I think I’d find it amusing to have a few of these while taking in a firework display or something like that…

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