A Proper Man’s Beer: @TimothyTaylors – Boltmaker Bitter

20151108_180715….Oh god, that was a JOKE…I’m sure women would like this beer just as much as men.  Why not comment below and let us all know a) your gender and b) whether you liked it or not?

I’ll go first.

I’m male and I liked it.

There, that wasn’t so hard was it?

So. Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker.  Friends told me that I probably wouldn’t like it and that it’s not as good as LandLord.

Well they’re wrong: I do and it is.

This is a marvellous – how can I say it? – industrial sort of beer.  Not industrially produced, but a beer that seems like it was brewed for slaking the thirst of working people in industry; hot, dusty, work-that-needs-rewarding-with-beer, industry.

Magnificently malty on the nose with some hops and plenty of nutty aroma, ferrous and lightly rusty (if you know what I mean?) it reminds me a lot of the forge in metalwork at school, all cherry-red coke and sparking anvil.

The taste is bracingly bitter with an absolute ton of malt thundering in behind.  It’s not fancy, it’s not subtle it’s, well, a “working man’s*” beer.

So that means you can’t sit about like a fat old jelly sinking gallons of the stuff…get off your great fat arse and do something, something manly and industrious.  Sweep up the leaves, make a pair of wrought-iron tongs, whatever – just do something for Chrissakes…

You have to work in order to earn the right to a few pints of this beer…and believe me it’s worth working for.


(*If “Yorkie” can get away with faux, tongue-in-cheek, “Man’s” stuff then I’ll have a go, too.)

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