On the level: @TwoCocksBrewery – Leveller Bitter


When drinking this beer, I can’t help but wonder if this brewery is so-called because it’s two men running it?  Or for some other darker reason that lies hidden?

If it is the darker reason, then I advise the gentleman in question to get a good agent and hit the travelling show circuit…there’s money-a-plenty to be made from a gift like that.


What a lovely beer this is.  Out of the bottle and into a glass, it’s sporting nice tan head atop it’s vintage mahogany body.

Nose-wise, we’re all chestnutty, woodiness, leather and a really sustaining maltiness.  As I sipped, I thought I could hear the creak of an antique chesterfield as I settled back in front of a crackling fire.

The body is solid; rich, dark and tasty with a pleasing non-astringent bitterness.  The finish is dry with a lovely bitter and sour tang that’s hugely moreish.

This isn’t a massively complex beer, but it doesn’t need to be – it’s a bitter, and a belter of a bitter at that.


The Spanish Mouthful: La Ofiusa – Cerveza Rubia Artesana con Algarroba


That’s a mouthful and no mistake.  I don’t speak Spanish, but have been reliably informed that this is a bronze (peseta?) beer with Carob in it.

Jess, my sister-in-law, brought me bottle back from Ibiza when she lasted visited; which is good, because this is a very drinkable beer indeed.

Pouring a lovely hazy orange/amber with thinnish head, it’s an intriguing looking beer.  It’d been in the fridge for a while, and was all the better for that.

In the nose was sweet malt with a smattering of yeasty notes and a faint chocolate ‘n’ candied orange motif…interesting and very tempting.

The body was beautiful: thickly malty with a gentle sweetness a shot of bitter and a very full orange and gentle chocolate theme.  A nice, restrained, alcohol note runs strongly throughout.

Holy cow, I’ve not had a beer like this original in a long while.  A pale beer with chocolate notes and a full orange malt sweetness.  Scratch about all you like you won’t find anything like this in your craft beer bars.

Very accomplished.  Excellent.