Jak sie masz! Polish Beer on the High Steet

Well. Hasn’t this post been a while in coming? I’m suffering from a terrible brewing and writing lethargy at the moment. Lots of work on and the unrelenting wet and cold have rather put me off the whole thing a bit.

I’ve got ingredients and a whole pile of stuff to write up, so I guess I ought to just knuckle down and get on with it…

Last weekend, I found a Polish deli in Witney, and joy of joys it was rammed out with beer – none of which I recognised and all at a bargain price of £1.49 a pop!

So I had a small splurge and got myself and Peter (my father-in-law) a few bottles to sample.

First off:

Zywiec – Biale

Using Google translate and it’s camera mode, I was able to work out that this is a Wit, or white beer. Arriving in a glass, it was very wit-like, with an odd soapy character to the nose. Maybe it’s got spices in it? Coriander can do that. I’d compare it to Hoegaarden or Blue Moon but more approachable…if a little bland.



Brewery Okocim – Cztery Chmiele

A very pale lager indeed, very clean on the nose but there’s some saazy sort of spice if you sniff closely. Lovely light malt sweetness with a touch of fruit on finish. Very refreshing very drinkable.



Zywiec – 1860 Bock

Bock? Lovely. I was in the mood for some solid maltiness and by crikey did I get it. A lovely chestnut brown and suffused to the gills with dark malts character. Sweetly malty, strong with lashings of roast and a tasty bitter note on the back end. An excellent beer I will get myself a few bottles of this on the next outing to Witney. At 6.5% it’s a real big winner of a beer at one pound forty-nine. Bargain!



Brewery Okocim – Piwo Ciemne

Almost impenetrable black. Surprisingly white head.  Eve said the aroma reminded her a lot of jacket potatoes…and on reflection, she’s right: this beer is fairly heavy on the roast malts. I’m suspecting that this is a fairly bockish lager with black malts included. A nice, easy-drinking, black/dark lager.



Zywiec – 1865 Marcowe.

I liked this one a lot, it’s a nice dark malty lager. Slightly spicy with a lovely dose of maltiness with lashings of sweetness. Complex and clean and tasty. I thought that this was another marvellous bargain of a beer.



So there you go, a new source of interesting weird and wonderful beers on the high street. That’s got to be a good thing.