Gigantic Grapefruit IPA Recipe


After a lengthy hiatus, I’ve finally got around to brewing again.

The Brewmaster/Braumeister kept casting me baleful looks as I passed, and in the end it was all too much to bear.

So what did I brew?

I need big IPAs in my life and one of the best, in my opinion, is Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin.  Ballast Point have recently been on the receiving end of some considerable earache for their merger/buyout by someone or other.

And by all that’s holy do I give a flying toss whether they’ve “sold out” or not?


I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss. As long as they keep pumping out gallons of quality Sculpin, I don’t care.

I mean, I live in rural Oxfordshire, so it’s neither here ‘nor there to me…  They might as well be making this stuff on the moon.

Mind you, if it stops tasting good then I’ll just stop drinking it, No drama. That’s pure economics for you.


As I wanted my beer to be as big as I can possibly get it, I bought 6kg of grain and 200g of Falconer’s Flight pellets: I need my flavours to be distinctly “West Side” *makes W hand sign and feels distinctly like a dick*

Big citrus and pineyness are what we’re after here.

Oh and I used Magnum for bittering; for a grain bill this big we need considerable bitterness from the Magnum, with pretty much all the Falconer’s Flight at the back end, pulling the taste and aroma levers.

At the end of the boil, I cooled to 80C and dumped in my flame-out additions, letting the whole thing have a good half-hour hop stand while it cooled.

Grapefruit Sculpin (see my review here: is a cheery seven or so percent…and so is mine.  By some miracle of extraction I got 22L of 1068 wort into the fermenter and am hoping for a finish of 1009 or so.

Mind you, I’m being a bit careful to tame the West Coast Ale yeast by not fermenting above 17C; any higher than that and we’d get some yeast fruitiness, and this should be a clean beer.

After the krausen drops, I’m going to star-san a grapefruit or two and then zest them straight into the fermenter and then bung in 30 or so grams of FF pellets.

Then with six or so days to go I’m going to hit it with another 30 grams of pellets.

God, I LOVE getting hops into stuff…

When it eventually clears (and it’ll be a while I suspect), I’m going to bottle a fair amount and put some on keg – just for fun.

Here’s the recipe:


9 thoughts on “Gigantic Grapefruit IPA Recipe

  1. Oh boy … Here he goes again with another great recipe – I upscaled your Kitchen Saison recipe you posted a while back that used Herkules hops and it turned out effing amazing! Anything that gets the wife’s nod of approval is good in my books 😉 It’s a keeper for sure.

    Really really looking forward to trying this soon, I’m trying to think if I can get away with using the ingredients I have in stock; I have Galeina I could use for bittering – is there a substitute to Falconers Flight? If not I’ll get a load in. And as if by magic I have all the grain in stock. Hurrah!

    Hats off again Jon and good work.

    Simon M White, Bristol UK

    • Excellent work, sir. Glad to hear you dug the Saison recipe… Also glad to hear you like the look of the grapefruit IPA! I put the zest and dry hops in yesterday and it was aroma city. Falconers Flight is a bit of an odd one in that it’s a blend of hop varieties from the west coast of the US. I reckon Cascade would probably do you well, as would centennial. Or could you could go completely free style and bang in a load of galaxy or something else New Zealandy. That’s the joy of home brewing – you can do whatever the f*ck you like. Let me know how you get on, I’ll be literally biting the table waiting to hear how yours comes out. Cheers for the support, I appreciate it…this whole blogging malarkey can make you feel like a looney in the street, you know, shouting your gob off in public and hoping people are listening! Happy Brewing!

    • Oh yeah, and writing replies on my phone is something I won’t be don’t again. Makes me seem like a breathless idiot. Curse you, twatty phone makers…next time it’ll be a nicely formatted reply from the laptop.

  2. +1 for Falconer’s Flight Hops (blend). They have a great citrus, tropical fruit character. I’ve used them in an APA in the past and an IPA recently. Best luck with the brew; cheers!

    • It turned out very well. Much better than my efforts to write it up! I will do it soon – I’ve got a stack of stuff to catch up on, but I’ll be onto it as soon as possible. Cheers!

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