A Ridgeback of an IPA: @brewdog – Mr President


Question: If Hilary wins, will Brewdog remake this beer as Mrs President?  Let’s hope so

Oh yeah.  The beer…

It’s almost a best bitter brown with a wispy, non-hang-aroundy thinnish head.

There’s a lot of solid resin in the nose, like that squidgy-black gear that everyone (except me) was doing in the mid-90’s.  There’s some sea-side ozoneyness and a great big whallop of booze – and that’s because Mr President is a bracing, yet debilitating 9.2% ABV

The taste is caramel sweetness with an orange malt note, lashings of resin and hops.  I mean HOPS.  Not floral and lilting hops, but HOPS, HOPS, HOPS!

It’s big, it’s bruising, it’s solid – like when a friend’s Rhodesian Ridgeback leans in for some love: it’s solid and you sort of trust it and you know you enjoy spending time with it, but there’s that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that it could easily kill you if it wanted to.

In the aftertaste it’s all well-judged bitterness and resiny resinousness.  The dog, in the aftertaste is mainly hair and Bonio.

I intended to enjoy Mr Prez pre-supper with some nuts ‘n’ shit, but I actually ended up having it served to me by my wife on a Saturday lunchtime in the garden, which made the afternoon go with a distinct swing

All in all very enjoyable and an awful lot of beer in not very big bottle.

(I couldn’t find it on the site as I’m a dullard, but it is/was available in Tesco in Bicester of all places…)

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