Triple Yes! – @Adnams: Triple Knot


Oh look. It’s me.

I’ve experienced something of a hiatus over the month or so as I had to retake my AWS Professional Solution Architect exam, so there was a bit of swotting up for that, plus one or two additional sideline projects to work on (non-brewing, I’m afraid to say…)

All of this means I have a lot of things to review and a lot of things to brew.

Come, let’s take a look at one now: Adnams Triple Knot.

It’s a lovely dinky little bottle, and it’s a little dinky bottle because it’s all dinkily and devastatingly strong: 10% or so.  Lordy.

When it gets into the glass Triple Knot is a nice coppery colour with a head that pretty much tickles off straight away.

The aroma is, as you’d imagine, big: lots of lovely boozy alcohol and spice with some sweet orange notes. If you look at the label it’s got all sort of bits and pieces in it to amp-up the nose and flavour.


When drunk , the taste is all centred around the alcohol – so it’s big and boozy with sweetness and a caramelly undertow. There’s spice and orange and “botanicals” (I’ve slipped into Gin territory here, but that’s only because of what it tastes like)

As it warms, Triple Knot brings forth a more floral theme and a distinct tasty bitterness appears….after even further warming, more fresh ginger and spice reveals itself.

This is a marvelously complex drop, it’s a bit more wild and wacky than your average Belgian triple and probably worth a punt on the strength of that alone…

(…and then I go and look at that page and see that THEY’RE talking about “botanicals” too.   I tell you, I’m too good at this reviewing lark…)

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