Golden Summer Shower Ale – tasting notes


Jeez.  I’ve nearly slaughtered this keg already.  I mean, I did have some help along the way: quite a lot of “Ooooh, can I have another one, please?” from certain quarters (Graham, mainly)

So, this is apparently a golden ale see here: (

You can see it in there, pretending to be one in the photo.  Trouble is that’s where the similarities end…

Yes, it’s got a dear little fluffy head and yes it smells like a golden ale too – only just a lot more hoppier as I ended up dry-hopping it with 50g of home-grown cascades…and you can see the dry-hopping by the haziness of it…

This ale has hops and bitterness and strength (by god, doesn’t it just: two pints of it in the hot sun whilst tending a barbecue and I was feeling distinctly “Wahey!“)

But, everything’s in balance; well, everything’s in balance if you wanted a massively amped-up version of Hopback Summer Lightning, I guess.

This is very much NOT a barbecue slammer, unless of course you’re the one that wants to be slammed.

Saying all that, though…it is dangerously drinkable…and such a cinch to brew, too, with it’s minimalist malt bill.  Make a mental note to brew with pale malt only, you won’t be disappointed…

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