A year’s respite…

…for you from me; and from brewing and writing about it for me.

I’ve changed jobs within the last year and now find less and less time for blogging.  I’ve still managed to brew a couple of few times and also made something like 200 litres of cider over the autumn.

So, in fact, I’ve probably got more than enough for a few interesting blog posts…

Maybe this time the blog posts will be long-form, or be more entertaining or more meaningful and meandering.  I don’t know…

Everyone else these days seems to be video blogging – which is where the big audience numbers are.  I only really started doing this blogging lark for my own amusement…you know: farting out into the void of the Internet and seeing how it goes…but I’m not sure that vblogging is really a route for me.

Maybe this blog is working through its mid-life crisis?  I haven’t caught it buying a leather jacket, taking up cycling or squeezing itself into a ridiculous skin-tight T-Shirt (you know who you are…)

When it’s over it, and all the scotch, takeaway cartons and pools of sick have been cleared up, we’ll see if we can’t get it back on it’s feet and bearing decent content again.

I will at the very least write up the last few latest brews (but possibly not the milk stout, that’s still not come good) but you can definitely have the grapefruit pale ale as that’s still sliding down a treat…


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